Episode 027: The Rich Man’s Roth IRA – With No Contribution Limits Taxes will most likely go up according to historical tax rates, the fact that Social Security and Medicare are underfunded, the fact that David Walker says so (look him up). Here is how to divorce the IRS and use the Rich Man’s Roth […]

Episode 026: How to Create Tax-Free Retirement Income Do you think taxes may go up between now and when you pass away? If so, then creating tax-free retirement income is essential for making sure you will have the best retirement lifestyle possible. Inflation is constantly eating away at the value of your dollars. Don’t let […]

Episode 025: What If a Giant Chicken Ate Your Spouse What would happen to your income, your retirement lifestyle, if a giant chicken ate your spouse…or they died in some more traditional way? You may be shocked to find yourself in a higher tax bracket than every before with less income than ever before. I […]

Episode 024: Why You Want Asset Optimization, Rather Than Just Financial Planning There are two very different types of financial planning approaches in the world and I’ll bet you’re only aware of one of them. Luckily, I was trained by a 30-year retirement planning veteran who used the other one. Wait until you hear what […]

Episode 023: Renovating Retirement Radio Interview 27 minutes into a passion-filled episode on Asset Optimization, my computer rebooted on it’s own. I hate Microsoft. Here’s a radio interview I did on a station in Tacoma Washington and surrounding areas. But the radio interview is about my eBook, “Renovating Retirement”  Included in this episode: Learning to […]

I came across this article: “The Alphabet Soup of Financial Certifications” while doing research on a book I’m writing called “Wolves in Sheeps Credentials” I also presented it in the Renovating Retirement Podcast Episode 022, but I also wanted to explain my thoughts it in this weeks post as well. Do you have any idea […]

Episode 022: Wolves in Sheeps Credentials: The Truth about Financial Advisors Do you think the letters behind your advisors’ name mean anything? They don’t and in this episode I show you the truth about financial advisors.. behind the licensing, certifications, and continuing education that keep financial and retirement planners in the dark about how to actually […]

Episode 021: What Can You Learn About Retirement with This Story… You Passed the Tractor Hours Ago, Why are You Still in the Wrong Lane? Microsoft 10 screwed up the microphone quality but the information is OFF THE HOOK! What can you learn about retirement? I talk about passing slow tractors in Maui?? You’d be […]

Episode 020: Why I Went Bankrupt in 2011 and How it Will Probably Save Your Retirement I really don’t like talking about going bankrupt, but I care more about you than I do myself. This is by far my favorite episode yet. You will learn something that if this does not change how you invest […]