Americans are addicted to the stock market – the most overused investing tool on the planet is the mutual fund. LONG after we have too much money to need Mutual Funds (around 25k-50k), we continue to use them because some fee-hungry retail mutual fund salesman gets paid to keep us in them. If the stock […]

Episode 079: Where to Store Home Equity The last four episodes have proven that home equity fails every test of a wise investment and that no one can say that paying off your mortgage is a conservative strategy. So, if you are not going to pay off your mortgage, where should you be storing/building up […]

RR Episode 072: Divorce the IRS Using Roth Conversions  Are you enjoying your marriage to the IRS? Did you know you can divorce the IRS and choose not to pay taxes on IRA/401k income in the future? For those who think taxes may go up, this episode explores the option of converting your existing Qualified […]

Episode 071: Tax Torpedo – Avoid Paying Taxes on Social Security Income Taking money from IRA’s and 401K’s may allow the IRS to charge taxes on your Social Security Income. In this episode, I’ll do a brief explanation of the problem we call the tax torpedo! Included in this episode: If you think taxes are […]

Episode 070: Are Taxes Going Up or Down? Most people should not be using 401K’s and IRA’s to save for retirement. So what should you be doing? Should you use pretax money and invest in 401K’s and IRA’s or after tax money and use Roth IRA’s and Cash Value Life Insurance? It’s actually a very […]

Episode 043: Six Ways to Improve Your Cash Value Life Insurance Owning cash value life insurance can be the worst thing or the best things you’ve ever decided to do. It all depends on whether you know these six ways to improve your cash value life insurance product. The perfect, well-built, retirement plan will probably […]

Episode 033: Recommended Retirement Books to Optimize Retirement In episode 33, I’m going to cover the books to Optimize Retirement that I recommend; the mentors that trained me 11 years ago, and show you the life-changing truths you need to maximize your retirement plan and financial planning strategies. These few books are must-owns if you want […]

Episode 031: Importance of Income in Retirement – Get a ROOM…If You Have a Sick Life This episode has a surprise in the middle when someone on Quora pipes in and tries to shoot down one of the things that I teach, related to retirement and financial planning. Listen in to see how I handle this […]

Episode 027: The Rich Man’s Roth IRA – With No Contribution Limits Taxes will most likely go up according to historical tax rates, the fact that Social Security and Medicare are underfunded, the fact that David Walker says so (look him up). Here is how to divorce the IRS and use the Rich Man’s Roth […]