Episode 010: The Three Enemies that Keep You from Investing Properly There are three things, three enemies to your setting up a successful financial and retirement plan. In this episode, I’m going to explain each of the enemies that will keep you from investing properly. I’ll explain where they come from and what to do to […]

Episode 009: What if I Found the Perfect Investment Advisor? In this short, but powerful episode, I’m going to share with you how to grow your retirement accounts as if you had the perfect market timing or found the perfect investment advisor. What if you found someone who sold at the top, right before the […]

Who is your “Financial Architect” And why are they a valuable tool for your Financial Planning Future? Read this comprehensive article I’ve written, describing what a “Financial Architect” is and why they are a vital part of your financial plan to have the best retirement possible. Learn about the MERIT Planning Model and how these […]

Episode 008: The Mother of All Financial Mistakes is using Mutual Funds In this special Mother’s Day episode, I’m going to slay the biggest financial dragon in the country.. The Mutual Funds. More people have Mutual Funds in their retirement plan than any other tool. Yet for the vast majority of those owning Mutual Funds […]

Episode 007: Surrender Penalties: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly In this episode, I’m going to cover surrender penalties which are actually a very important piece of a sound financial plan. I’m going to present you with a question that the bad guys will never ask you. You will understand surrender penalties, how to get around them, […]

Episode 006: What the Heck is a MEC? In this episode, I’m going to talk about MEC’s or Modified Endowment Contracts, with two main uses. I’m going to show you the really fun one which is how to use a MEC to earn 8%-12% on your emergency fund money. There is no longer any reason to […]

Episode 005: I’ll Bet You Don’t Fully Get The Power of The Annual Reset…Yet In this powerful episode, I’m going to teach you something the bad guys want to hide from you at all costs. Losing money is optional. More Risk, More Reward is no longer true! A little-known tool called “The Annual Reset” will literally change […]

Episode 004 Is your Advisor Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? In this episode, I’m going to teach you what I call the most important thing I’ve ever learned about money. This is the biggest lie of them all and MOST of you listening, will find that you are currently being affected by this purposeful spin […]

Episode 003: Stop Looking for The Perfect Investment The bad guys in the financial industry have trained the entire world to look for what’s wrong with every financial product and this will crush your retirement. There’s no “one food” that will give you everything you need nutritionally, and no “one tool” that is all you […]

Episode 002: The Three Pillars of Financial Deception: And How Advisors Use Them Every Day to Line Their Pockets at Your Expense In this episode, I cover the three pillars of financial deception that this industry uses to steal money from you and keep you doing what they want. You may get upset because these […]