Episode 019: When Bad People Happen to Good Things A small amount of Cyanide ruins a perfectly good glass of pure, mountain spring water. How much more if the glass is 99% poison and 1% water? The Retirement and Financial Planning Industry is a good, pure glass of spring water…but the poisonous bad guys have […]

Episode 018: How The MERIT Planning Model Can Continually Improve Your Retirement In this powerful episode, I introduce the MERIT Planning philosophy of financial and retirement planning and how it can improve your retirement. MERIT stands for Mortgage Plan, Estate Plan, Retirement Plan, Insurance Plan, and Tax Plan. If all you do is pay attention […]

Episode 017: From Tenants, Toilets, and Trash to Cruises, Clubs, and Cocktails, When to Get Rid of Your Rental Do you own rental properties? Do you know how to get rid of your rental if you’re not happy with it anymore? Would you like to know how to make them cash flow even better? Would […]

It’s All About the Balance, Not the Rate of Return; Actually, It’s All About the Income, Not the Account Balance I am releasing this article to teach you about what really matters in your retirement plan. What really matters is what is being put into your account, not your Rate of Returns, not your Account […]

Episode 016: Six Types of Annuities, and How to Use Each One There are horrible annuity contracts and there are life-changing amazing annuity contracts that will give you the best retirement imaginable. Come with me on a journey to explore the six types of annuities in an entertaining way. Also, the fourth chipmunk “Bill” shows […]

RR Episode 015: A Tale of Two Portfolio’s when Lower Returns More Money in Your Account When does 6.98% beat 8.22%? In this episode, I am going to show you what the bad guys don’t want you to know. Lower returns beat higher averages if you earn them in the right way. HOW you earn […]

Episode 014: How to Double or Triple Your Retirement Lifestyle With One Simple Move What if your lifestyle could be 2, 3, 4 times better in retirement..with one simple adjustment to how you think about investments and how you make financial planning decisions? After reviewing over a thousand financial plans, I can safely say that […]

RR Episode 013: The Dark Truth about AUM and Why You Don’t See More Growth in Your Investments and Retirement Accounts  Just three letters are responsible for why you do not have more growth in your investments and retirement accounts…A..U..M.. AUM is what drives advisors but does it drive them away from focusing on growing […]

Episode 012: How To Build a G.R.E.A.T. Retirement Plan WITHOUT An Advisor In this 12th episode I’m going to give you a framework for how to choose the best products to go in each of the three types of money your retirement plan will need Using G.R.E.A.T. as an acronym, I will show you how […]

RR Episode 011: A Planning VS B Planning: Retirement Income While You’re Alive or Leave a Ton of Money When You Die Any journey started by heading the wrong direction will not end up well. Financial retirement Planning is the same. You must start in the right place, with the right questions, headed the right […]