It might just be the right time to sell your positions in the market and move to Indexed Annuities and Life Insurance. I came across this article last week and thought it would be helpful to share with all my readers. It’s important to pay attention to these sort of things because it could potentially […]

We all know how I feel about annuities. But, here is another perspective I want to share with you. Annuity Outlook Magazine published an article about the old 60/40 method called The 60/40 Profile is DEAD! This method has been used for so many years, but now it’s the wrong strategy. What’s the 60/40 method Tom’s talking […]

CNBC recently published an article on Annuities linked below, Believe it or not, buying an annuity can be a good decision A friend was gracious enough to point it out to me This is actually quite a good article but I do want to point out two helpful things. The article says: If you do […]

I came across this article: “The Alphabet Soup of Financial Certifications” while doing research on a book I’m writing called “Wolves in Sheeps Credentials” I also presented it in the Renovating Retirement Podcast Episode 022, but I also wanted to explain my thoughts it in this weeks post as well. Do you have any idea […]

It’s All About the Balance, Not the Rate of Return; Actually, It’s All About the Income, Not the Account Balance I am releasing this article to teach you about what really matters in your retirement plan. What really matters is what is being put into your account, not your Rate of Returns, not your Account […]

Take a look at an article I found that I want to share with you. CNN Money’s “CEO’s are being ‘rewarded’ for failure” article I have to admit though I’ve never heard the word “Trebled” I enjoyed this article. Although this is based off of UK companies, I believe the same is true for our US […]

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article Losing money is an option you choose; not a necessary evil. Many of my clients have NO money in the market and using a Market-Less Portfolio have been averaging 5-7%, sometimes tax-free. This is a great article to show the world is not coming to an end! […]

With the recent losses in the market, now may be a good time to address a little-known fact among most retirees and investors: Losing money in the market is optional. It’s true, you do not have to participate in the losses of the market ever again, if you choose not to.  Many of my clients […]