RR Episode 066: Author David McKnight Teaches how to be in a Zero Percent Tax Bracket In this episode, I interview Author David McKnight, who teaches retirees how to be in a zero percent tax bracket. We also talk a bit about a new book he has just released. David talks about how The Power […]

Episode 025: What If a Giant Chicken Ate Your Spouse What would happen to your income, your retirement lifestyle, if a giant chicken ate your spouse…or they died in some more traditional way? You may be shocked to find yourself in a higher tax bracket than every before with less income than ever before. I […]

I came across this article: “The Alphabet Soup of Financial Certifications” while doing research on a book I’m writing called “Wolves in Sheeps Credentials” I also presented it in the Renovating Retirement Podcast Episode 022, but I also wanted to explain my thoughts it in this weeks post as well. Do you have any idea […]

We have some really cool things in the works Coming Soon! What you can look forward to in the next couple months – “Two Ways to be Debt Free – Mortgage Planning Part 1” FREE BOOK for a Limited Time (Releasing March 28) “Renovating Retirement” (book) to be released in April Renovating Retirement Podcast with Charlie […]