Episode 096:

Four Google Searches you Must Do: Part 4

Here you go folks, the last installment of the Four Google Searches You Must Do series. You do not need an Advisor and these searches will cause you to fire your current Advisor. I’m very confident in saying that they are lying to you and you do not have the best financial plan that meets your goals.

I will not stop saying that until I find a financial plan that I can’t beat in five minutes. If you want what’s best for YOU rather than your ADVISOR, listen up and learn how to find the data YOU need to see clearly and make wise decisions.

The Four Google Searches You Must Do
  1. Do Money Managers Beat The Market?
  2. Safe Withdrawal Rate
  3. Sequence of Returns
  4. Stocks and Bonds Correlation

Included in this episode:

  • The basic American financial plan
  • The basic American financial plan restated: Three strategies in a clearer form
  • Time to Google…  “Stocks and Bonds Correlation
  • You do not need an Advisor
  • It’s been proven that paying off your mortgage is a terrible and dangerous thing to do and the alternative is much more conservative
  • It’s been proven that taxes need to go up for our country to continue to fund social security, medicare, etc.
  • It’s been proven that since the year 2000 conservative growth tools like annuities and cash value life insurance have earned more rate of return, with downside risks, than the S&P 500.

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