Episode 092:

Four Google Searches you Must Do: Part 1

I’m back and I’m fired up!!! There are four essential searches you MUST do on Google if you are even considering leaving money in the market while in retirement. The market does NOT beat safer strategies and money managers lie through their teeth to keep you as clients.

Listen in as I teach the first Google search you must do to begin understanding the web of lies the Joker Brokers spin.

The Four Google Searches You Must Do
  1. Do Money Managers Beat The Market?
  2. Safe Withdrawal Rate
  3. Sequence of Returns
  4. Stocks and Bonds Correlation

Included in this episode:

  • The basic American financial plan
  • The basic American financial plan restated: Three strategies in a clearer form
  • Time to Google…  Do Money Managers Beat The Market?”
  • Four stages of financial planning
  • What happens when you retire

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