Episode 088: Keeping Your Money, Keep it Working Part 4 of the 8 part series on Keeping It … Keep it in focus (what are we doing and why are we doing it?) Keep it global (merit) Keep it real (average vs. actual) Keep it working (hep and bank money) Keep it big (indexed and global) Keep it all […]

Episode 085: Charlie, What’s Your Net Worth? Apply the strategies and techniques of Renovating Retirement. I talk about how much I am worth and what my net worth is. Included in this episode: The key to growing your money is earning a rate of return, or profit or arbitrage. Your money must be turning into […]

Episode 075: Home Equity Fails Liquidity Test In this episode, I’m going to begin to show you how home equity, paying off your mortgage, fails all four tests of a wise investment. It’s very popular and very comfortable to pay off your mortgage but compared to the alternative way of being debt-free it’s a terrible […]

Episode 074: What Is Mortgage Planning and Why You Should Care This is where I started my career as a Financial Educator eleven years ago. An expert in Mortgage Planning, which is using mortgages to create a better retirement, trained me personally over about a twelve-month period. The mortgage is the most powerful tool in […]

Episode 046: Arbitrage…How to Make 20%-70% On Your Money Would you like to know how to make 20%-70% on your money? Well you need to completely throw away everything the banks and insurance companies TEACH you to do and DO what they actually do themselves. Arbitrage is the holy grail of investing, listen in to […]

Episode 020: Why I Went Bankrupt in 2011 and How it Will Probably Save Your Retirement I really don’t like talking about going bankrupt, but I care more about you than I do myself. This is by far my favorite episode yet. You will learn something that if this does not change how you invest […]

Take a look at an article I found that I want to share with you. CNN Money’s “CEO’s are being ‘rewarded’ for failure” article I have to admit though I’ve never heard the word “Trebled” I enjoyed this article. Although this is based off of UK companies, I believe the same is true for our US […]