It might just be the right time to sell your positions in the market and move to Indexed Annuities and Life Insurance. I came across this article last week and thought it would be helpful to share with all my readers. It’s important to pay attention to these sort of things because it could potentially […]

There are a lot of people that question themselves and their cohorts about needing a financial Advisor. The truth is, you DO NOT need a Financial Advisor to help you have the retirement you want. If a toaster is $10 at Walmart and $40 across the street at Target (same toaster) would you need to […]

I came into this business in 2005 with no money, no gray hair, and no experience. Exactly what every retiree wants when working with a Financial Advisor, right? However, I did have a conviction for the truth. Two plus two is always four no matter who has said it. So I said to myself, “I’m […]