There are a lot of people that question themselves and their cohorts about needing a financial Advisor. The truth is, you DO NOT need a Financial Advisor to help you have the retirement you want.

If a toaster is $10 at Walmart and $40 across the street at Target (same toaster) would you need to ask an Advisor what to do? No one would. It’s common sense to spend less money, or no money, for the same product.

Would you like to drive a car while blindfolded but have an “Advisor” in the passenger seat shouting out instructions? Or would no blindfold and a windshield be just fine?

You don’t need an Advisor, you need to see clearly!

You are a genius when you see clearly. How many pedestrians have you run over this year? Right, because when you see clearly you make great decisions.

Advisors are for weak individuals who think risk, with a side of fees, is the answer to a Long Life, Short Life, Rough Life, Sick Life, and The Next Life.

Don’t be weak and take advice from the bad guys.

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