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Working with a Financial Advisor: Why People Drive Blind Folded

I came into this business in 2005 with no money, no gray hair, and no experience. Exactly what

I came into this business in 2005 with no money, no gray hair, and no experience. Exactly what every retiree wants when working with a Financial Advisor, right? However, I did have a conviction for the truth. Two plus two is always four no matter who has said it.

So I said to myself,

“I’m going to find out what’s true and teach people the truth. They’re going to see clearly and I’ll help them make smart decisions.”

As part of that learning process, I was driving my car one day and realized that the windshield was a pretty important part of the car. Even with the most expensive car in the world, without the windshield, the experience of driving would be very different.

I like my windshield. I also really like to be able to see clearly.

So when it comes to investments, why are you working with a Financial Advisor? Are you looking for someone to tell you what to do? Could the entire industry be built around trust?

Every conference I went to in my early years in this industry was teaching me to earn the trust of my perspective clients so that they would do what I recommended.

Most financial advisers
  • Wear fancy suits
  • Have marble top desks made of mahogany wood
  • Hand you a glass of champagne or a wonderful drink when you arrive
  • Have beautiful receptionists

Why all of this fancy and formal attitude? What’s the reason to have these conversations to get you to trust them? Do you really want to trust somebody and blindly do what they say or would it be comfortable for you to just see clearly and make smart decisions that are right for you and your future?

If I painted black paint all over your windshield and told you to drive 55 miles an hour but I sat in the passenger seat and I hung my head out the window and when I saw what you needed to do, I started screaming out instructions like “move a little bit left, a little bit to the right, slow down, okay, take this exit now!” If I’m screaming instructions at you and you can’t see a things but you have an “Advisor”, a driving Advisor, how comfortable are you?

If you’re uncomfortable driving with an Advisor, how can you be comfortable working with a Financial Advisor that makes decisions for you.
  • Living off the investment you’ve saved for
  • Having the lifestyle you want
  • Possibly running out of money
  • Spending time with grand kids
  • Taking cruises
  • Able to afford medical bills

Why would you be looking for a Financial Advisor, someone to trust, with something so serious? If you wouldn’t hire an Advisor to help you drive, you shouldn’t be hiring the wrong Financial Advisor to help you plan for your future.

I don’t need you to trust me. I don’t want to be impressive. I don’t want you to be distracted or swayed by me in the slightest. A windshield draws no attention to itself. It just allows you to see through it. That is my job as a whistle blowing Financial Advisor. I help you see so clearly that every decision you make is going to be easy and obvious.

There are a lot of decisions to make, to ensure you’re okay whether you have a long life, a short life, a rough life, a sick life, and into the next life. However, if we take our time you’re going to make the right decisions.

So the question I have for you now is why do so many people like to drive blindfolded?

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