Americans are addicted to the stock market – the most overused investing tool on the planet is the mutual fund. LONG after we have too much money to need Mutual Funds (around 25k-50k), we continue to use them because some fee-hungry retail mutual fund salesman gets paid to keep us in them. If the stock […]

Episode 096: Four Google Searches you Must Do: Part 4 Here you go folks, the last installment of the Four Google Searches You Must Do series. You do not need an Advisor and these searches will cause you to fire your current Advisor. I’m very confident in saying that they are lying to you and […]

Episode 095: Four Google Searches you Must Do: Part 3 Back to the Four Google Searches series! In this episode I’ll explain the risk of Sequence of Returns. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT YOU EARN IN THE STOCK MARKET, BUT RATHER WHAT ORDER YOU EARN THOSE RETURNS IN. Your Broker is DEFINITELY hiding this one […]

Episode 093: More Risk, More Reward Exposed as a Lie You know…there was a time when most people thought the earth was flat. MOST people thought the same thing and it turned out that they were all wrong. Have you heard that you have to take more risk to get more reward? It’s the “No […]

Episode 093: Four Google Searches you Must Do: Part 2 This is the second of the four essential Google searches you need to run. The results of these searches will make it easy for you to angrily fire your joker broker and move your money to where you’ll pay less fees, historically earn more money, […]

Episode 092: Four Google Searches you Must Do: Part 1 I’m back and I’m fired up!!! There are four essential searches you MUST do on Google if you are even considering leaving money in the market while in retirement. The market does NOT beat safer strategies and money managers lie through their teeth to keep […]

Episode 090: Using Real Estate to Create Cash Flow with Bill Manassero Bill Manassero is on his way to owning 1,000 rental units. Learn how to use cash flowing real estate to create mailbox money in retirement. Let’s talk with Bill Manassero from Old Dawgs REI Network and his idea on investing in Real Estate […]

Episode 089: Advisors and Investors: Stupid on Purpose This highly-caffeinated episode is not for the faint of heart! I’m going right for the jugular whether you’re an Advisor or an Investor. DO NOT BE STUPID ON PURPOSE! Let me show you how to not be Stupid on Purpose and how to know if your Advisor […]

Episode 088: Keeping Your Money, Keep it Working Part 4 of the 8 part series on Keeping It … Keep it in focus (what are we doing and why are we doing it?) Keep it global (merit) Keep it real (average vs. actual) Keep it working (hep and bank money) Keep it big (indexed and global) Keep it all […]