Episode 088:

Keeping Your Money, Keep it Working

Part 4 of the 8 part series on Keeping It …

  1. Keep it in focus (what are we doing and why are we doing it?)
  2. Keep it global (merit)
  3. Keep it real (average vs. actual)
  4. Keep it working (hep and bank money)
  5. Keep it big (indexed and global)
  6. Keep it all (fees, iuls, roth conversions and tax stripping)
  7. Keep it collateralized (policy loans)
  8. Keep it in the family (ltc, estate planning and legacy planning)

The key to growing your money is earning a rate of return, profit, or arbitrage. Your money must be turning into more money. You have to be investing money and employing it or using it in some way to create new money.

Included in this episode:

  1. Cash
    • If there’s anything I’ve seen consistently, after reviewing over a 1,000 financial plans in the last decade, is that many people like to leave money in the bank. Well, “like to” may be the wrong term. You choose to leave tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands, of dollars in bank accounts just in case you need access to it.
    • Do you know how much banks pay for the use of your money right now from checking and savings accounts.
  2. Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds (recovery time is not compounding time)
  3. Variable Annuities and other high fee options
  4. Home Equity-Episodes 74-80 and Two Ways To Be Debt Free

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