Many agents wonder if they are able to get clients as an insurance agent. There are a few things you can consider if you want to take on clients.

If you have a life insurance license, and work as an independent agent rather than for a captive agency there are a few things you can do.

  • Listen to the Renovating Retirement Podcast episodes so you know exactly how to help almost everyone you meet.
  • Master how to use Insurance Products for IN-Case Accounts (Return of Premium Life and Annuity Products), IN-Come Accounts (Income Annuities) and IN-Crease Accounts (Growth Annuities and Cash Value Life Insurance).
    • If you learn what’s taught in these podcasts, and are willing to always do what’s right by the client no matter how much you get paid, then you can do almost any type of marketing to find leads and be profitable.
    • It does not matter if you network, cold call, buy leads, use partnerships and referrals or dinner seminars, they all work if you can make people’s financial situations better than before you met them.
    • You can control whether or not you can do that by how much you know.
    • If you study these podcasts you will know more than 90% of Insurance Brokers and more than just about every Joker Broker who doesn’t recommend anything but risk with a side of fees.

If you have any questions about any of this, please search my podcasts for keywords or contact me by visiting my contact page and give me a desired time of call.

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