RR Episode 011:

A Planning VS B Planning: Retirement Income While You’re Alive or Leave a Ton of Money When You Die

Any journey started by heading the wrong direction will not end up well. Financial retirement Planning is the same. You must start in the right place, with the right questions, headed the right direction or your retirement and investments will suffer. In this episode I give you the most important question to ask yourselves BEFORE making financial decisions.

Included in this episode:

  • A Plan: Money we have while we are alive
  • B Plan: Build an inheritance plan
  • Death benefits (maximized income plans)
  • The belief (sacred cow) to “Pay Off Your Home” – why this is not true anymore
  • Reverse Mortgages (banks do not own your home!)
  • Annuities (they do three things):
    • Guaranteed income for life even if you run out of money
    • Guaranteed growth from no losses when the market goes down
    • Creates a death benefit for people un-insurable

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