RR Episode 015:

A Tale of Two Portfolio’s when Lower Returns More Money in Your Account

When does 6.98% beat 8.22%? In this episode, I am going to show you what the bad guys don’t want you to know. Lower returns beat higher averages if you earn them in the right way. HOW you earn your rate of return is more important than HOW much rate of return you earn in retirement and financial planning. Listen up, you’ll like this one!

Included in this episode:

  • Screenshot (101)The lie of Average Rate of Return
  • My money manager gave me a detailed sheet of paper, that had his results of growth VS the S&P 500 from 2002 – 2013
  • Lower returns mean more money in your account!
  • Tax-free distributions
  • A lot of money is spent every year to keep you confused!
  • What growth actually occurs in your account??

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