Episode 047: My First Really Negative Feedback and Why She Was So Angry I received my first piece of hate mail and thought I would use it to help you each to see exactly why I created this show. The trance that most American retirees have been put in and how to avoid making the […]

Episode 042: The Costly Trap of Having a Simple and Easy To Understand Retirement Plan I’ve never shared this recording with anyone…it was too obnoxious and exaggerated…until now. June 11, 2016 apparently is the time where the world can handle “up and down”. What can a terrible Engish accent and airplane cockpits teach you about […]

Episode 037: Allowable Malpractice Part 2 Listen in as I finish what I started in Allowable Malpractice part 1. Here are 5 more ways advisors can legally steal from you and what to do to avoid being robbed. Included in this episode: In the previous podcast, I covered numbers 1-4 of my theory of Allowable […]

RR Episode 035: How Long do Bull Markets and Bear Markets Last We’ve been in a bull market for over 87 months, how does that compare with the average length of a bull market? The average loss in a bear market is 27%. Are you ready for that loss? Listen in to hear the rest […]

Episode 033: Recommended Retirement Books to Optimize Retirement In episode 33, I’m going to cover the books to Optimize Retirement that I recommend; the mentors that trained me 11 years ago, and show you the life-changing truths you need to maximize your retirement plan and financial planning strategies. These few books are must-owns if you want […]

Episode 032: Get a LIFE…As You Move Into the Next Life Will bad things happen in your life? Maybe not. This episode shows what to do if nothing bad happens and you just want to maximize how much money you leave behind to loved ones and charity. I will also explain how I’m working with […]

Episode 007: Surrender Penalties: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly In this episode, I’m going to cover surrender penalties which are actually a very important piece of a sound financial plan. I’m going to present you with a question that the bad guys will never ask you. You will understand surrender penalties, how to get around them, […]

Episode 006: What the Heck is a MEC? In this episode, I’m going to talk about MEC’s or Modified Endowment Contracts, with two main uses. I’m going to show you the really fun one which is how to use a MEC to earn 8%-12% on your emergency fund money. There is no longer any reason to […]

Episode 002: The Three Pillars of Financial Deception: And How Advisors Use Them Every Day to Line Their Pockets at Your Expense In this episode, I cover the three pillars of financial deception that this industry uses to steal money from you and keep you doing what they want. You may get upset because these […]

Episode 001 In this episode, I’m going to teach you why the days when you need to find an Advisor you feel you can trust, are over. Trusting a financial advisor, to tell you what to do, is dangerous and outdated. I a going to introduce you to a way to get exactly what’s best […]