Episode 032:

Get a LIFE…As You Move Into the Next Life

Will bad things happen in your life? Maybe not. This episode shows what to do if nothing bad happens and you just want to maximize how much money you leave behind to loved ones and charity. I will also explain how I’m working with the UN to solve world hunger and why I believe together, we can do that!

Included in this episode:

  • Get a LIFE…As You Move Into the Next Life
  • The get a LIFE Acronym stands for Legacy Investing For Expiration – where you decide what legacy you want to leave behind financially
  • It is possible for you to live a long, healthy life, with no hugely expensive emergencies affecting you and then die peacefully in your sleep at the ripe old of 120 years old
  • The number one first most important decision is for you to decide whether your assets are
  • B Planning Strategies: those who do not need income from their investments.
    • The main goal, with your money, is leaving behind the largest amount and minimizing taxes so that the people or groups you leave money to NET the highest amount of money possible
    • IRA or any other yet to be taxed money is the easiest
      • Annuity to buy life insurance
    • Equity savings accounts for primary or rental properties
  • A Planning Strategies
    • Whatever is left
    • GUL to guarantee a minimum amount
    • Insurance Savings Accounts using single premium life insurance policies with full return of premium
    • Home equity planning
    • The 401K alternative

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