Episode 031:

Importance of Income in Retirement – Get a ROOM…If You Have a Sick Life

This episode has a surprise in the middle when someone on Quora pipes in and tries to shoot down one of the things that I teach, related to retirement and financial planning. Listen in to see how I handle this objection. I also cover how to responsibly outsource our medical expenses when the time comes that our health begins to fade. Only the joker brokers believe you should be the one paying those expenses. Come learn who wants to pay them for you!

Included in this episode:

  • Day 4 of the 5 lives of retirement… Get a ROOM which stands for Responsible Outsourcing Our Medical Expenses.
    • Outsourcing means you do not pay for them but someone else pays your medical expenses for you
  • The “Market-Less Portfolio”
  • Insurance products for IN-Case Accounts
  • Annuities for IN-Come Accounts
  • Insurance Policies for tax-free IN-Crease Accounts (Rich Man’s Roth IRA)
  • You need income in retirement that you can count on
    • Banks, Brokers, or Insurance Accounts???
  • During the episode, I had a response to a question on Quora…
    • “Your advocating two high commission vehicles…Universal Life and Annuities, Neither are in the interest of the person asking the question”
    • I explain how I answered and how you can ask questions about your finances!

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