Episode 027:

The Rich Man’s Roth IRA – With No Contribution Limits

Taxes will most likely go up according to historical tax rates, the fact that Social Security and Medicare are underfunded, the fact that David Walker says so (look him up). Here is how to divorce the IRS and use the Rich Man’s Roth IRA to create tax-free retirement distributions no matter how much income you make and there’s no limit on what you can put into this one!

Included in this episode:

  • Life insurance is best known for providing a death benefit, the norm would be to buy the largest amount you can get for the lowest amount of premium
  • How to create a tax-free retirement
  • In the 80’s EF Hutton basically created the Roth IRA out of life insurance before we had Roth IRA’s
  • Weaknesses of using life insurance
  • “Don’t buy any more life insurance than you have to”
  • The concept of solving world hunger replacing insurance policies
  • Tax-free growth using life insurance
    • What money can be used to do this?
  • There aren’t income limitations or contributions limits when you use life insurance instead of a Roth IRA
  • The joker broker’s can still use average rate of return to lie to you!
  • I finish the episode with some scary insights, I’m sure you had no idea about and that will likely scare you!

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