Episode 024:

Why You Want Asset Optimization, Rather Than Just Financial Planning

There are two very different types of financial planning approaches in the world and I’ll bet you’re only aware of one of them. Luckily, I was trained by a 30-year retirement planning veteran who used the other one. Wait until you hear what this other approach will do for you.

Included in this episode:

  • You cannot remodel your home for free but I can change everything in your financial life!
  • Every plan I build is completely budget neutral 
  • Asset Optimization
    • Optimizing the assets you have (what you save, how much you save, what you’re saving and liabilities)
    • Start looking across the industry, using these things to help each other with these strategies in the MERIT Planning Model
  • Cut your taxes in half, or completely eliminate them!
  • All plans are COMPREHENSIVE
  • Better results, keep your bills the exact same!

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Charlie, your host:

CharlieMedium“Charlie Jewett is an Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, Consumer Advocate, and Investment Advisor from San Diego, Ca.  Charlie has spent the last eleven years trying to change the way the industry professionals and consumers think about Retirement.  Charlie provides education materials that help people to create their own financial plans and offers services to protect consumers from the bad guys in the Financial Services Industry.”  


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