I’ve had some questions lately about the different ways to listen to a Podcast. In this weeks post, I am going to show you how to listen to a Podcast, on several different platforms, with screenshots included! Libsyn Libsyn is a Podcast hosting platform that also offers listeners an easy way to listen to their […]

Episode 049: 401k Cabins and Condos How would you like to own a vacation home rather than put money into boring 401K’s and IRA’s? What if the financial and emotional benefits can be better doing things a little outside the box? In this episode, I compare investing in qualified plans to owning and enjoying vacation […]

Episode 048: Interview with Bill Manassero: Using Real Estate to Create Cash Flow in Retirement In this episode, I interview Bill Manassero of the Old Dawg’s REI Network and Podcast. Bill is in the process of building a 1000/door real estate empire to create a supercharged, automatic IN-Come account. I love Bill’s show, I love […]

Episode 047: My First Really Negative Feedback and Why She Was So Angry I received my first piece of hate mail and thought I would use it to help you each to see exactly why I created this show. The trance that most American retirees have been put in and how to avoid making the […]

Episode 046: Arbitrage…How to Make 20%-70% On Your Money Would you like to know how to make 20%-70% on your money? Well you need to completely throw away everything the banks and insurance companies TEACH you to do and DO what they actually do themselves. Arbitrage is the holy grail of investing, listen in to […]

Episode 045: Understanding Insurance Policy Loans for Tax-Free Distribution They say “The devil’s in the details”, well in this episode I’m going to show you how to find salvation and a bunch of financial angels in the nitty gritty details of how you take policy loans from your life insurance policies. It literally makes the difference to […]

Episode 044: Six Ways to Improve Term Life Insurance Do you want to know how to improve, upgrade, or eliminate your term life insurance? What about getting someone else to pay for it? This is just one more notch in your belt as you become a financial black belt so listen in as I explain the […]

CNBC recently published an article on Annuities linked below, Believe it or not, buying an annuity can be a good decision A friend was gracious enough to point it out to me This is actually quite a good article but I do want to point out two helpful things. The article says: If you do […]

Episode 043: Six Ways to Improve Your Cash Value Life Insurance Owning cash value life insurance can be the worst thing or the best things you’ve ever decided to do. It all depends on whether you know these six ways to improve your cash value life insurance product. The perfect, well-built, retirement plan will probably […]

Episode 042: The Costly Trap of Having a Simple and Easy To Understand Retirement Plan I’ve never shared this recording with anyone…it was too obnoxious and exaggerated…until now. June 11, 2016 apparently is the time where the world can handle “up and down”. What can a terrible Engish accent and airplane cockpits teach you about […]