Episode 048:

Interview with Bill Manassero: Using Real Estate to Create Cash Flow in Retirement

In this episode, I interview Bill Manassero of the Old Dawg’s REI Network and Podcast. Bill is in the process of building a 1000/door real estate empire to create a supercharged, automatic IN-Come account. I love Bill’s show, I love what he teaches and after this interview, I think he may become one of my closest friends. What a gun guy, we had some laughs so come laugh at our expense while you learn to create cash flow in retirement using real world real estate.

Included in this episode:

  • Bill Manassero’s bio read by me
  • Bill shared his experiences in Haiti and how it has inspired him to take the next leap in his life to have a great retirement
  • Real estate investing for the retirement community
  • Bill’s Podcast Old Dawg’s REI Network is weekly podcast that features an engaging series of down-to-earth, information-packed interviews and little-known tips for real world real estate investors

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Bill Manassero:

Bill“Bill Manassero spent the last 11 years of his life serving with his family as  missionaries to orphans, abandoned, and at-risk children in Haiti. Before Haiti, he spent over 20 years in business, both in corporations and as an entrepreneur. He was also a professional musician who toured the world singing children’s music. Now that Bill and his family are no longer in Haiti, they need to take care of themselves. Bill has decided to go into real estate investing, to buy rental properties to create income to take care of their retirement years and to have something to leave their children. Bill has decided to share his journey through his website and podcast.”

Charlie, your host:

CharlieMedium“Charlie Jewett is an Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, Consumer Advocate, and Investment Advisor from San Diego, Ca.  Charlie has spent the last eleven years trying to change the way the industry professionals and consumers think about Retirement.  Charlie provides education materials that help people to create their own financial plans and offers services to protect consumers from the bad guys in the Financial Services Industry.”  


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