Episode 041: Financial Tic-Tac-Toe: IN-Crease Accounts This is the last episode in the Financial Tic-Tac-Toe series. I’m going to cover IN-Crease or Growth Accounts and tell you which one’s are my favorite. Once you have guaranteed income for life you see what’s leftover and then the fun begins. This is the money you can use […]

Episode 040: Financial Tic-Tac-Toe: IN-Come Accounts In the 40th episode, I cover the IN-Come portion of the Tic-Tac-Toe grid which is a grid I created to help my customers see what characteristics are most important for each type of money. I’ll explain the difference sources of retirement in-come accounts and how to create guaranteed, increasing […]

Episode 039: Financial Tic Tac Toe: IN-Case Account Options This Financial Tic Tac Toe Grid is a tool I use to see what’s most important for each part of your financial plan. Listen in as I talk about IN-Case Accounts, the most important things to know and then at the end, I will tell you […]

Episode 038: Financial Tic Tac Toe Introduction This show starts a four-part series on the Financial Tic Tac Toe Grid. It is important for you to know, before you go shopping for each tool you are going to use in your retirement plan, in what order of importance you should rank Liquidity, Safety, Rate of […]

Episode 037: Allowable Malpractice Part 2 Listen in as I finish what I started in Allowable Malpractice part 1. Here are 5 more ways advisors can legally steal from you and what to do to avoid being robbed. Included in this episode: In the previous podcast, I covered numbers 1-4 of my theory of Allowable […]

I’ve now been to somewhere between 50 and 60 intense multi-day financial and retirement planning workshops and bootcamps. I’ve been digging for eleven straight years to find the best of the best available for my clients. If I were to narrow it down to which five books one should read to start renovating their retirement […]

Episode 036: Financial Advisors: Allowable Malpractice Part 1 There are at least 9 completely unethical things that are perfectly legal for your advisor to do to you. In any other industry, well except used car sales.. these would be considered malpractice. Empower yourself to catch your advisor using these schemes against you. I’ll cover 1-4 […]

RR Episode 035: How Long do Bull Markets and Bear Markets Last We’ve been in a bull market for over 87 months, how does that compare with the average length of a bull market? The average loss in a bear market is 27%. Are you ready for that loss? Listen in to hear the rest […]

RR Episode 034: A Day in the Life of an Edward Morgan Lynch Financial Advisor Help yourself to some sarcastic, exaggerated mockery of what you will find when you try to hire a financial advisor. As odd as this episode is, it will give you incredible insight into the mind of the modern financial advisor. […]

Episode 033: Recommended Retirement Books to Optimize Retirement In episode 33, I’m going to cover the books to Optimize Retirement that I recommend; the mentors that trained me 11 years ago, and show you the life-changing truths you need to maximize your retirement plan and financial planning strategies. These few books are must-owns if you want […]