Episode 037: Allowable Malpractice Part 2 Listen in as I finish what I started in Allowable Malpractice part 1. Here are 5 more ways advisors can legally steal from you and what to do to avoid being robbed. Included in this episode: In the previous podcast, I covered numbers 1-4 of my theory of Allowable […]

Episode 036: Financial Advisors: Allowable Malpractice Part 1 There are at least 9 completely unethical things that are perfectly legal for your advisor to do to you. In any other industry, well except used car sales.. these would be considered malpractice. Empower yourself to catch your advisor using these schemes against you. I’ll cover 1-4 […]

RR Episode 034: A Day in the Life of an Edward Morgan Lynch Financial Advisor Help yourself to some sarcastic, exaggerated mockery of what you will find when you try to hire a financial advisor. As odd as this episode is, it will give you incredible insight into the mind of the modern financial advisor. […]

Episode 033: Recommended Retirement Books to Optimize Retirement In episode 33, I’m going to cover the books to Optimize Retirement that I recommend; the mentors that trained me 11 years ago, and show you the life-changing truths you need to maximize your retirement plan and financial planning strategies. These few books are must-owns if you want […]

Episode 030: Get a JOB…In Case You Have a Rough Life I thought this episode would be 5-10 minutes and when I finished with the rough draft recording it was over 37 minutes long. I guess being able to access your money in retirement is important. Plan for retirement and listen to see how to have […]

Episode 027: The Rich Man’s Roth IRA – With No Contribution Limits Taxes will most likely go up according to historical tax rates, the fact that Social Security and Medicare are underfunded, the fact that David Walker says so (look him up). Here is how to divorce the IRS and use the Rich Man’s Roth […]

Episode 022: Wolves in Sheeps Credentials: The Truth about Financial Advisors Do you think the letters behind your advisors’ name mean anything? They don’t and in this episode I show you the truth about financial advisors.. behind the licensing, certifications, and continuing education that keep financial and retirement planners in the dark about how to actually […]

Episode 019: When Bad People Happen to Good Things A small amount of Cyanide ruins a perfectly good glass of pure, mountain spring water. How much more if the glass is 99% poison and 1% water? The Retirement and Financial Planning Industry is a good, pure glass of spring water…but the poisonous bad guys have […]

RR Episode 013: The Dark Truth about AUM and Why You Don’t See More Growth in Your Investments and Retirement Accounts  Just three letters are responsible for why you do not have more growth in your investments and retirement accounts…A..U..M.. AUM is what drives advisors but does it drive them away from focusing on growing […]

Episode 003: Stop Looking for The Perfect Investment The bad guys in the financial industry have trained the entire world to look for what’s wrong with every financial product and this will crush your retirement. There’s no “one food” that will give you everything you need nutritionally, and no “one tool” that is all you […]