Episode 057:

Why Other Americans Lost 14 Trillion Dollars and My Clients Didn’t

Episode 057 is my plea to you to see clearly the fact that insurance companies played no roll in the 14 trillion dollar loss of net worth experienced by Americans in 2008. None of my clients lost any money in indexed annuities or indexed universal life insurance and it will help you tremendously to realize that risk is optional in financial and retirement planning.

Included in this episode:

  • I want this episode to hit home and reach the deep parts of you belief system where true life change really happens
  • I speak often and loudly on insurance company products for several reasons
    1. They are the best solutions to many financial problems
    2. They have the best solutions for the age group
    3. Insurance companies were not responsible for the 2008 crash

US households lost almost $8 trillion of wealth in the stock market on top of the $6 trillion loss in the market value of their homes -The Roosevelt Institute

  • Where did this loss come from?
  • The 2001 and 2008 crashes prove everything negative I say about Joker Brokers and their fake retirement plans
  • Risk is optional! And most of my clients choose NOT TO EVEN HAVE ANY
  • Every client in the US who used Indexed Strategies protected their money from losses and lost 0% of their net worth in 2008-2009
  • The insurance industry has stood as a beacon of strength during the worst financial times we’ve seen since the 1920’s
  • You do not need to lose money ever again!

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