rules to create wealth

Three Rules to Create Wealth

Spend less than you earn…and save the rest! Stop Losing Money Using indexed strategies, where you lose no

Spend less than you earn…and save the rest!

Stop Losing Money

Using indexed strategies, where you lose no money when the market goes down, will protect you from losses you cannot afford to recover from over a 28-year period. Losing money is optional. More Risk, More Reward is no longer true! A little-known tool called The Annual Reset will literally change everything in your life as it comes to compounding your money.

Stop paying taxes

Or at least grow your money in the tax-free growth options. Creating tax-free income is essential for making sure that you will enjoy the best retirement lifestyle possible. Inflation is constantly eating away at the value of your dollars. Don’t let the IRS do the same. Listen to this RR Podcast Episode to learn three sure-fire ways to create tax-free income in retirement.

If you do those three things you will accumulate wealth

The more you save in the first step, the faster it will happen.

Do not try to accelerate and pay off your mortgage as that strategy has been disproven and will only hurt you. Learn about why not to in this short 27-page book.

Have these three types of money before you retire

  • IN-Case Accounts – urgency and emergency funds
  • IN-Come Accounts – when you stop working you lose a paycheck. Don’t replace that with “I hope my investments do well enough for me to pay my bills” like the Joker Brokers want you to. Just buy a lifetime paycheck once you’ve won the game of saving enough to retire
  • IN-Crease Accounts – whatever money is leftover after setting aside your Urgency and Emergency funds, and buying a lifetime paycheck, can go into growth. It does not to be the stock market but can be if you want

As you are saving for retirement, and as you work with professionals to try to stay retired, make sure you are holding THEM accountable and stress testing their suggestions.

Once you’ve saved money using these three rules to create wealth, make sure you have the three INs and then make sure it passes The Five Lives of Retirement Test then you have an awesome retirement plan…..for now. Things change. Keep the plan up to date continually with MERIT Planning.


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