It has to do with something we all have in our cars that allows us not to run over pedestrians. When I do seminars and workshops and when I meet people one on one. I’ll ask them this same question.

How many pedestrians have you run over in the last 10 days?

Sometimes they chuckle, sometimes they say “none”.

I think we can all agree that anything over 0 is too many people to run over. But why? Why don’t people run over pedestrians? What part of our car allows us to see people so we don’t run them over?

Our windshield!

You’re a genius when you see clearly. I know that before I even meet you.

11 years in retirement and financial planning, I’ve told people from day 1. This industry is not about trust and you should not trust me or anyone else in the industry.

My job is to be a windshield allowing you to see clearly so that all of your decisions are easy.

Let’s try a test.

You’re looking to buy a toaster, and two stores right next to each other have virtually the same toaster.

One store is selling the toaster for $10 the other store is selling the same toaster for $57. Do you feel the need to talk to a professional, a toaster advisor, to tell you which one to buy? No folks, it’s easy.

It’s clear, every decision you need to make in financial planning and retirement I’m going to make clear in the Renovating Retirement Podcast.


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