Episode 066:

Do Musician’s Make a Lot of Money?

How would you answer this question?

Do musicians make a lot of money?

Is it a hard question to answer…which musician? Some do, some don’t. Well what if someone says

Annuities have high fees! or Cash value life insurance is a bad investment!

I’m going to give you a tool that will protect you from the bad guys who make sweeping statements to try to get you to buy what pays them the most.

Included in this episode:

  • This may be kind of a weird thing to ask but I ask this question almost daily to prove an important point
  • The internet is full of purposefully deceitful statements like “I hate annuities and so should you” or “never buy cash value life insurance it’s too expensive” or “if you pay extra principal towards your mortgage it saves you interest and is conservative” 
    • It actually does neither of those when you compare putting that extra money into growth vehicles rather than into your home
  • The way you can cut through this paid propaganda, and protect yourself from being swayed by the psychological manipulation being used against you, is to respond to all sweeping statements with a simple which annuity? Which contract do you hate and think I should hate as well?
  • There are six types of annuities and three of them have no fees
    • To say annuities have high fees, without pointing out which annuities, is lying…..and the SEC won’t do anything about it
  • It’s up to you to protect yourself….but you’re not alone…I’m here to help!  

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