7 stepsFriends, I hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend, I wanted to recap on a few things I am teaching in my daily podcast, Renovating Retirement, to show you, in writing, how optimizing your retirement will give you the best financial future!

Now that I have over 10 hours of recorded content available, at no cost to you, I wanted to send you an idea how you might use the show in your own life.

  1. Decide what your money is for
    RR-Episode 011: A Planning vs. B Planning-Retirement Income While You Are Alive or Leave a Ton of Money When You Die
  2. Get a really good understanding of insurance companies and insurance products
    RR-Episode 006: What The Heck is a MEC?
    RR-Episode 016: Six Types of Annuities and How To Use Each One
    RR-Episode 027: The Rich Man’s Roth IRA-With No Contribution Limits
  3. Design your financial blueprints on your own: How much money should you put into IN-Case, IN-Come and IN-Crease accounts?
    RR-Episode 012: How To Build a G.R.E.A.T Retirement Plan WITHOUT An Advisor
  4. Choose an advocate to represent and protect you from the industry
    Ask me who in your area uses clarity rather than trying to earn your trust
  5. Go shopping for the best products/strategies for each and every part of your plan
  6. Use the five lives of retirement test to make sure your plan is sound
    Sprinkled into all episodes and covered Individually in Episodes 28-32
  7. Continually improve your plan using the MERIT Planning Model
    RR-Episode 018: How The MERIT Planning Model Can Continually Improve Your Retirement

I’m proud of each and every show but going in this order may be a nice, smooth track to run on to optimize your retirement today!

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