Episode 085:

Charlie, What’s Your Net Worth?

Apply the strategies and techniques of Renovating Retirement. I talk about how much I am worth and what my net worth is.

Included in this episode:

The key to growing your money is earning a rate of return, or profit or arbitrage. Your money must be turning into more money. It has to be invested/employed or used in some way to create new money.

Ways you can employ or invest the idle money that’s sitting around doing nothing for you.


If there’s anything I’ve seen consistently, after reviewing over 1,000 financial plans in the last decade, is that you guys like to leave money in the bank. Well, “like to” may be the wrong term. You choose to leave tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands, of dollars in bank accounts just in case you need access to it.

How much do banks pay for the use of your money right now? Not CDs, those are not liquid or accessible without penalty, I’m talking about for your checking and savings accounts.

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