Episode 083:

Keeping Your Money – Keeping it Global

Keeping your money – keeping it global is the second episode of an 8-part series based on a book I am writing.

  1. Keep it in focus (What are we doing and why are we doing it?)
  2. Keep it global (merit)
  3. Keep it real (average vs. actual)
  4. Keep it working (hep and bank money)
  5. Keep it big (indexed and global)
  6. Keep it all (fees, IULs, Roth conversions and tax stripping)
  7. Keep it collateralized (policy loans)
  8. Keep it in the family (LTC, estate planning, and legacy planning)

Included in this episode:

Global; integrated or holistic…….basically keep it working together rather than having the separate parts of your financial plan fighting each other.

To move forward you want to take your foot off of the brake pedal and put it on the gas pedal. Imagine putting one foot on each and pressing at the same time? Unfortunately most financial plans today work something like that where the investment strategy is creating huge tax consequences or the mortgage strategy is lowering rate of return and creating unnecessary risk.

What is MERIT Planning?

Mortgage Plan, Estate Plan, Retirement Plan, Insurance Plan, and Tax Plan

MERIT Planning is the third part in my three part model for how to have an amazing retirement lifestyle. You first need to Build It, then Test It then Make it Better or Improve it.

To build it we use the Three INs process or the retirement plan that never fails. IN Case, IN Come then IN Crease. This is a process where you first start with how much money you have.

Lets say it’s one million dollars, and you have to decide how much of that 1,000,000 should go to emergency funds, how much should go to producing a paycheck for you once you quit working and then how much is left for growth to cover inflation, healthcare costs and to leave behind as an inheritance.

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