The RR Podcast is here!

Here is the first episode, an introduction to the Renovating Retirement Podcast! Charlie explain’s the in’s and out’s of what you can expect to learn in the Renovating Retirement Podcast. 

Charlie Jewett has been in the financial services industry for 13 years with his main focus centered around Mortgage Planning, Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Insurance Planning and Tax Planning. After seeing  and learning what he has, he no longer wants to stay silent. 

This industry needs a remodel, it needs to be RENOVATED! It’s a teardown and someone needs to take a wrecking ball to this industry. The only way to protect yourself from the advanced psychological manipulation and allowable malpractice is to get educated and vote with your money. Fire the bad guys and support the good guys. This industry needs a spanking and I’m declaring myself the one to do it. I’m going to piss a lot of people off and I’m ok with that.

Included in this Episode:

  • You’re being deceived
  • 20-30 million people a year are being deceived and that needs to change!
  • This industry needs to be started over – I’m declaring myself the one to tell the truth!
  • Renovate your own retirement
  • Advisors need to Repent!
  • Each show will explain one of the scams in the financial planning industry
  • I will give you something useful to protect yourself from the “bad guys”
  • Slaughter the 3 sacred cows of financial planning (the 3 deceptive lies)

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Charlie, your host:

CharlieMedium“Charlie Jewett is an Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, Consumer Advocate, and Investment Advisor from San Diego, Ca.  Charlie has spent the last eleven years trying to change the way the industry professionals and consumers think about Retirement.  Charlie provides education materials that help people to create their own financial plans and offers services to protect consumers from the bad guys in the Financial Services Industry.”  


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