There are three essential models I use

You must have 3 types of money to have an amazing optimized retirement

  1. Incase Accounts – Chosen subjectively
  2. Income Accounts – solved for, working backward from your income for retirement
  3. Increase Accounts – leftover money you are allowed to play with

5 lies of retirement test

Nobody will know if you are going to live a

  • Long life
  • Short life
  • Rough life
  • Sick life
  • Next life

Your plan must address all of these things

  • Will you have income forever if you both lie to 130 years old?
  • Will the spouse be OK if the other spouse dies suddenly before their time?
  • If you need access to your money, can you get it without penalties?
  • What if one of you gets sick and needs to go into a long-term care facility?
  • Can you leave a nice sizeable inheritance to your family members when you pass away?

Any plan that can not answer those 5 questions, it is not a plan it’s just gambling. I will teach you everything you need to know, to make it crystal clear of what you want and how to build your own plan.

It’s clear, every decision you need to make in financial planning and retirement I’m going to make clear in the Renovating Retirement Podcast.


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