Want to know how to listen to Podcasts on Stitcher

Sticher is a great App to use to listen to your favorite Podcasts on your Android or iPhone. You can also listen to your favorite Podcasts by visiting their website and searching the name of the Podcast.

If you want to download the App, just go to Stitcher.com and click on “Get the Free App” button

Step 1

Go to stitcher.com/podcast/renovating-retirement or when you are just at Stitcher.com, you can also search for Renovating Retirement and the wrecking ball logo will come right up.

how to listen to podcasts on stitcher

Step 2

The most recent episode will be located at the top and for all other episodes, you can scroll down and find the specific one you want to listen to.

Click on the blue play button to listen to the episode. The second red arrow also shows you the duration of the episode.

You can also opt out to listen to the episode at a later date by clicking on the “Listen Later” button located in the red circle.

how to listen to podcasts on stitcher