Want to know how to listen to Podcasts on JewettWealth?

You can download and listen to Podcast episodes right here on JewettWealth.com! How easy is that? We also have show notes for each episode so you can read more about the content of each episode, find relevant links associated with the episode, and learn a little more about who was invovled in the episode.

Step 1

Click on the Podcast button in the top menu

That will redirect you to the Renovating Retirement Podcast Page where you will find the most recent episode show notes, recent updates, and where we are on Social Media

listen to podcasts on jewettwealth

listen to podcasts on jewettweath

Step 2

Once you click on the most recent episode, you can click to play or download the episode to your computer. Also available below, are the show notes.

listen to podcasts on jewettwealth