Episode 045: Understanding Insurance Policy Loans for Tax-Free Distribution They say “The devil’s in the details”, well in this episode I’m going to show you how to find salvation and a bunch of financial angels in the nitty gritty details of how you take policy loans from your life insurance policies. It literally makes the difference to […]

Episode 044: Six Ways to Improve Term Life Insurance Do you want to know how to improve, upgrade, or eliminate your term life insurance? What about getting someone else to pay for it? This is just one more notch in your belt as you become a financial black belt so listen in as I explain the […]

Episode 043: Six Ways to Improve Your Cash Value Life Insurance Owning cash value life insurance can be the worst thing or the best things you’ve ever decided to do. It all depends on whether you know these six ways to improve your cash value life insurance product. The perfect, well-built, retirement plan will probably […]

Episode 040: Financial Tic-Tac-Toe: IN-Come Accounts In the 40th episode, I cover the IN-Come portion of the Tic-Tac-Toe grid which is a grid I created to help my customers see what characteristics are most important for each type of money. I’ll explain the difference sources of retirement in-come accounts and how to create guaranteed, increasing […]

Episode 022: Wolves in Sheeps Credentials: The Truth about Financial Advisors Do you think the letters behind your advisors’ name mean anything? They don’t and in this episode I show you the truth about financial advisors.. behind the licensing, certifications, and continuing education that keep financial and retirement planners in the dark about how to actually […]

Episode 021: What Can You Learn About Retirement with This Story… You Passed the Tractor Hours Ago, Why are You Still in the Wrong Lane? Microsoft 10 screwed up the microphone quality but the information is OFF THE HOOK! What can you learn about retirement? I talk about passing slow tractors in Maui?? You’d be […]

Episode 018: How The MERIT Planning Model Can Continually Improve Your Retirement In this powerful episode, I introduce the MERIT Planning philosophy of financial and retirement planning and how it can improve your retirement. MERIT stands for Mortgage Plan, Estate Plan, Retirement Plan, Insurance Plan, and Tax Plan. If all you do is pay attention […]

It’s All About the Balance, Not the Rate of Return; Actually, It’s All About the Income, Not the Account Balance I am releasing this article to teach you about what really matters in your retirement plan. What really matters is what is being put into your account, not your Rate of Returns, not your Account […]

RR Episode 015: A Tale of Two Portfolio’s when Lower Returns More Money in Your Account When does 6.98% beat 8.22%? In this episode, I am going to show you what the bad guys don’t want you to know. Lower returns beat higher averages if you earn them in the right way. HOW you earn […]

RR Episode 011: A Planning VS B Planning: Retirement Income While You’re Alive or Leave a Ton of Money When You Die Any journey started by heading the wrong direction will not end up well. Financial retirement Planning is the same. You must start in the right place, with the right questions, headed the right […]