Episode 036: Financial Advisors: Allowable Malpractice Part 1 There are at least 9 completely unethical things that are perfectly legal for your advisor to do to you. In any other industry, well except used car sales.. these would be considered malpractice. Empower yourself to catch your advisor using these schemes against you. I’ll cover 1-4 […]

RR Episode 034: A Day in the Life of an Edward Morgan Lynch Financial Advisor Help yourself to some sarcastic, exaggerated mockery of what you will find when you try to hire a financial advisor. As odd as this episode is, it will give you incredible insight into the mind of the modern financial advisor. […]

Episode 023: Renovating Retirement Radio Interview 27 minutes into a passion-filled episode on Asset Optimization, my computer rebooted on it’s own. I hate Microsoft. Here’s a radio interview I did on a station in Tacoma Washington and surrounding areas. But the radio interview is about my eBook, “Renovating Retirement”  Included in this episode: Learning to […]

I came across this article: “The Alphabet Soup of Financial Certifications” while doing research on a book I’m writing called “Wolves in Sheeps Credentials” I also presented it in the Renovating Retirement Podcast Episode 022, but I also wanted to explain my thoughts it in this weeks post as well. Do you have any idea […]

Episode 022: Wolves in Sheeps Credentials: The Truth about Financial Advisors Do you think the letters behind your advisors’ name mean anything? They don’t and in this episode I show you the truth about financial advisors.. behind the licensing, certifications, and continuing education that keep financial and retirement planners in the dark about how to actually […]

RR Episode 013: The Dark Truth about AUM and Why You Don’t See More Growth in Your Investments and Retirement Accounts  Just three letters are responsible for why you do not have more growth in your investments and retirement accounts…A..U..M.. AUM is what drives advisors but does it drive them away from focusing on growing […]

RR Episode 011: A Planning VS B Planning: Retirement Income While You’re Alive or Leave a Ton of Money When You Die Any journey started by heading the wrong direction will not end up well. Financial retirement Planning is the same. You must start in the right place, with the right questions, headed the right […]

Episode 004 Is your Advisor Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? In this episode, I’m going to teach you what I call the most important thing I’ve ever learned about money. This is the biggest lie of them all and MOST of you listening, will find that you are currently being affected by this purposeful spin […]

Take a look at an article I found that I want to share with you. CNN Money’s “CEO’s are being ‘rewarded’ for failure” article I have to admit though I’ve never heard the word “Trebled” I enjoyed this article. Although this is based off of UK companies, I believe the same is true for our US […]