Episode 032: Get a LIFE…As You Move Into the Next Life Will bad things happen in your life? Maybe not. This episode shows what to do if nothing bad happens and you just want to maximize how much money you leave behind to loved ones and charity. I will also explain how I’m working with […]

Episode 031: Importance of Income in Retirement – Get a ROOM…If You Have a Sick Life This episode has a surprise in the middle when someone on Quora pipes in and tries to shoot down one of the things that I teach, related to retirement and financial planning. Listen in to see how I handle this […]

Episode 026: How to Create Tax-Free Retirement Income Do you think taxes may go up between now and when you pass away? If so, then creating tax-free retirement income is essential for making sure you will have the best retirement lifestyle possible. Inflation is constantly eating away at the value of your dollars. Don’t let […]