Following our blog post from two weeks ago, we’ve discovered that there are other options than investing in the stock market, namely, indexed annuities.  The ability to lose money is a choice you make; not a necessary evil.   We also talked about when investing in indexed annuities, you will never lose the money you […]

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article Losing money is an option you choose; not a necessary evil. Many of my clients have NO money in the market and using a Market-Less Portfolio have been averaging 5-7%, sometimes tax-free. This is a great article to show the world is not coming to an end! […]

With the recent losses in the market, now may be a good time to address a little-known fact among most retirees and investors: Losing money in the market is optional. It’s true, you do not have to participate in the losses of the market ever again, if you choose not to.  Many of my clients […]

The wait is OVER! Today is the official website release is here! I am looking forward to having a place for clients and customers to have reliable resources and find dependable information for their financial future! We are in the process of developing Webinars Newsletters Blog Posts Audio (podcasts) and Video Seminars Resources for Returning […]

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