I was almost retired for the last two weeks… When I started my career as a financial advisor, I was only 32 years old. No money to my name, no grey hair and no experience…just what everyone wants from an advisor right? But I knew one thing: People love truth and they want to see […]

Equity inside a home can’t be out of the home earning compound interest If you pay off your mortgage faster, the total interest does decrease, but it will hurt you financially! Every dollar in a home COSTS interest which is called an opportunity cost. Since long-term earnings, with no losses after fees and taxes, on […]

I recently answered a question on Quora, related to using a Financial Advisor and if their services are worth it. I thought this question would make a really great post for this week. You should only use a financial professional for things you CANNOT do yourself How to utilize a financial advisor: What you should […]

Three Rules: How to Build Wealth and Keep It! Spend less than you earn…and save the rest Stop losing money: Using indexed strategies (losing no money when the market goes down) will protect you from losses you can’t afford to recover from over a 28-year period. Renovating Retirement Episode 005 teaches you about this concept Stop […]

We all know how I feel about annuities. But, here is another perspective I want to share with you. Annuity Outlook Magazine published an article about the old 60/40 method called The 60/40 Profile is DEAD! This method has been used for so many years, but now it’s the wrong strategy. What’s the 60/40 method Tom’s talking […]

I’ve had some questions lately about the different ways to listen to a Podcast. In this weeks post, I am going to show you how to listen to a Podcast, on several different platforms, with screenshots included! Libsyn Libsyn is a Podcast hosting platform that also offers listeners an easy way to listen to their […]

CNBC recently published an article on Annuities linked below, Believe it or not, buying an annuity can be a good decision A friend was gracious enough to point it out to me This is actually quite a good article but I do want to point out two helpful things. The article says: If you do […]

I’ve now been to somewhere between 50 and 60 intense multi-day financial and retirement planning workshops and bootcamps. I’ve been digging for eleven straight years to find the best of the best available for my clients. If I were to narrow it down to which five books one should read to start renovating their retirement […]

Friends, I hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend, I wanted to recap on a few things I am teaching in my daily podcast, Renovating Retirement, to show you, in writing, how optimizing your retirement will give you the best financial future! Now that I have over 10 hours of recorded content available, […]

I came across this article: “The Alphabet Soup of Financial Certifications” while doing research on a book I’m writing called “Wolves in Sheeps Credentials” I also presented it in the Renovating Retirement Podcast Episode 022, but I also wanted to explain my thoughts it in this weeks post as well. Do you have any idea […]